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October Sub-box Feature: Prue from ROCC Naturals 🪥

October Sub-box Feature: Prue from ROCC Naturals 🪥



This month for our self-care themed box, we're including two full-sized all natural toothpastes from ROCC Natural, in River Mint + Green Tea. We absolutely love the brand and what they stand for! To tell you all about it, we had a little chat with ROCC's founder, Prue.


1. Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself and your brand story!

I’m Prue, Co-Founder of ROCC Naturals. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been health and fitness obsessed.    Yoga teacher training, half marathons, triathlons - I’ve tried it all — although not always at a record-breaking pace. 

But looking at toothpaste, I saw a problem. If we were getting more conscious about how we fuel our body, why were we so relaxed about the ingredients we brush our teeth with?  The supermarket shelves were filled with clinical tubes, big claims and ingredients she couldn’t pronounce.

Thankfully, my rebellious spirit and innate drive to do things differently (and better) meant I wouldn’t take this lying down. I set out to create toothpaste that me and my friends would buy, use and display proudly. 

There were a few boxes to tick: 

  • All natural ingredients. If they wouldn’t eat it, they wouldn’t brush with it. 
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals for whole mouth (and body) health.
  • Good for the planet. In fact, just as good for the planet as it is for people. 
  • Designed for decor so it sits proudly on the sink, and never in the drawer. 

In 2020, Rocc Naturals was born out of my home in Melbourne as a breath of fresh air to Australian bathrooms, supermarket shelves and the health and wellness industry.


2. How did you get started with ROCC and what's the inspiration behind it?

ROCC started as a problem in 2019. 

Amidst the array of red and blue boxes in the oral care aisle, there wasn’t one single product that aligned with both personal well-being and environmental responsibility. Since then, we’ve kept true to our vision of being the sustainable toothpaste option in the supermarket aisle. But we also offer much more. Today ROCC stands as an Australian-crafted oral care solution that not only embodies non-toxicity but is also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, supported by scientific research, and rooted in genuine sustainability.


3. What’s your favourite thing/not so favourite thing about working on ROCC?

Now that we’re 2.5 years in, it’s the constant juggling of roles and time at ROCC that gets a little tiresome. I create our TikTok content, run the accounts, and direct our product development, write our EDM’s and manage our retail partnerships. And I’m also a Mum who leaves work at 3:45pm for Kindie pickup! 

The upside of this? I know every single facet of my business!


4. What has been your greatest achievement?

The biggest achievement has been getting ROCC stocked at 830+ Coles supermarkets six months after launching the brand. And then having my second child just a week later. What a time it was! 


5. One thing you have to do in your self-care routine.

I love movement. Every day starts with a run, cycle, weights or a walk. It’s like blowing away the cobwebs so I’m fresh and ready for whatever comes my way that day. 


6. What does a typical day in the life look like for you?

My typical day is an orchestrated dance of balancing work, family, and personal time. It all starts at 5 am when my alarm goes off. I'm a firm believer in the power of a good morning routine, so I head to the gym until 6:30 am to kickstart my day with a burst of energy.

From 6:30 to 8 am, it's a whirlwind of activity as I prepare my family for the day ahead. I have two daughters, Coco, who is 4 years old, and Molly, who is 1. Mornings can be quite chaotic, with the joyful chaos of breakfast, chasing the girls around the house to dress them, and making sure their lunches are packed. By 8 am, we're all out the door, and I drop Coco off at kindergarten. 

Once I arrive at the office, my day takes on a more structured form. I believe in the power of time blocking, so the first 1.5 hours are dedicated to tackling emails and ensuring my inbox is under control. After that, my days are a mix of various responsibilities, including marketing, sales, content creation, and managing retail operations. This variety keeps things interesting and ensures that no two days are exactly alike.

Around mid-afternoon, I step out of the office for 'Kindie pick-up' to bring Coco back home. The time from 4 to 7 pm is family time. It's a chance to reconnect with my daughters, hear about their day, and be  present as we spend moments together. Once the girls are tucked into bed, my husband and I savour the remaining hours of the day on the couch with my husband, a little bit of chocolate and candle to relax from the day.


7. A candle scent you can’t live without. 

Beachside. Living in Melbourne, it takes me to a place where I would truly love to live, the coast! 


8. What’s your one self-care tip? 

Drink less alcohol. I took a few months off this year to focus on my fitness. I now rarely drink. The most important things in my life are family, work, and fitness. I perform best at those three things when I don’t drink. 

I don’t abstain from alcohol, but I no longer have those wines here and there – midweek, dinner with friends – I’ve found cutting our the incidental drinks makes a huge difference.  


9. Anything else you’re looking forward to in the last 3 months of 2023?

ROCC is looking at entering new markets in 2024. I’m excited to be part of international retailers' range reviews and see what shelves ROCC might grace itself on in 2024!

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