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Flameless Electric Lighter Flameless Electric Lighter
Flameless Electric Lighter
Regular price $32.00
Candle Care Kit Candle Care Kit
Candle Care Kit
Regular price $47.00 $52.00 Sale price
sent. x frank green bottle (limited edition) sent. x frank green bottle (limited edition)
sent. x frank green bottle (limited edition)
Regular price $59.00
sent. tote bag (limited edition) sent. tote bag (limited edition)
sent. tote bag (limited edition)
Regular price $25.00
sent. sticker pack (limited edition) - sent studio sent. sticker pack (limited edition) - sent studio
sent. sticker pack (limited edition)
Regular price $5.00
wick trimmer wick trimmer
Wick Trimmer
Regular price $20.00

Shop sent studio's Candle Accessories Online

Whether you’re growing your candle collection or already have an impressive stash, getting some candle accessories can help to make your burning experience that much sweeter.

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At sent studio, we stock a wide range of helpful and aesthetically pleasing candle accessories that are designed with you in mind. Whether you’re looking for a flamless candle lighter a sticker pack to accessorise your favourite candles, we have you covered.

Shop our range of candle accessories today! collection.

Candle Accessories by sent studio FAQs

What Are Candle Accessories?

Candle accessories are a range of different items that help enhance and improve your candle-burning ritual. These accessories can serve many different purposes, ranging from improving safety and convenience to simply adding aesthetic appeal. So if you’re looking for ways to make your relaxation time more interesting, candle accessories are the way to go.

At sent studio, we have a bunch of different candle accessories available to help make your life that little bit more pleasant. Our collection of accessories includes:

Wick Trimmers

Our wick trimmers are specialised scissors designed to trim the wick of a candle. This nifty tool ensures your candle’s wick is always the right length, making sure it burns evenly and reducing soot production.

Flameless Electric Candle Lighters

Electric lighters are an amazing accessory. Not only are they safer to use than matches or a traditional lighter, but they’re also better for the planet. Simply recharge your lighter once it runs out of battery and use it all over again!

sent x Frank Green Water Bottle

Okay, this one isn’t a direct candle accessory – but it’s cute. We all need an emotional support water bottle, so why not get one that matches with your favourite sent studio candle?

sent studio Tote Bag

This bag, made from 100% heavy-weight cotton, is the perfect tote to carry all your favourite candles in. Bring them along when you visit friends or when you’re taking them into the office.

sent studio candle accessories make the perfect gift for just about anyone. If you know someone who absolutely loves burning candles in their home, gifting them quality accessories – either on their own or alongside one of our signature candles – is a thoughtful sentiment that shows just how much you care about them. 

On the other end of the scale, if you know someone who is looking for new scents but isn’t too sure where to get them from, why not give them a custom scent that perfectly represents them? Giving this alongside our Candle Care Kit is just what they need to get started!

Yes, candle accessories play a crucial role in enhancing candle safety. Wick trimmers, for instance, ensure that the candle's wick remains at the perfect length, preventing excessive flame height and potential fire hazards. Flameless electric lighters also act as a safer way to light candles, since there is no exposed flame, only working as a lighter once you press the button.

These accessories not only contribute to a safer candle-burning experience but also promote peace of mind, making them essential tools for anyone who enjoys using candles in their home.

At sent studio, we have lots of different candle accessories to choose from! No matter if you’re looking for a wick trimmer or a cute tote to take with you everywhere, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Shop our range of candle accessories online today or get in touch if you have any questions! :)

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