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Custom Candle
Paris Lay
Personalised wedding scent

I ordered 2 x customised sent candles for my wedding day as we wanted to associate a specific scent with our big day. The key notes were made up of the florals from my bouquet plus some of our favourite scents. It turned out better than we could’ve imagined and we got so many compliments from our guests. We’ll forever associate this smell with our big day now. Can’t wait to order more!! Thank you so much xx

Brekkie In Bed
Sophia Trotnar
zesty and citrusy!

I loved the subtle yet effective smells of the citrus fruits. The smell is mesmerising and lingers in the room and I always get compliments from it! It a awakening smell that indulges in moments of warmth shared with partners over breakfasts :)

so cool!

I added this on to my boyfriends order for his birthday and he loved it. it makes lighting candles so effortless. He thought it was the coolest things to be able to light something at the touch of a button. Also very aesthetic and fits perfectly with his candle collection:)

Sample Kit
Sophia Trotnar

I absolutely adored how cute and warming these little bundles are. I’ve used each scent and it’s so hard to pick a favourite because they’re all so versatile for different moods. I love the ability to mix and match as well! makes it more personalised and fun:)

Custom Candle
Sophia Trotnar
serenity sealed in a candle

it was my boyfriends 21st and he’s not a massive fan of materialistic things. but he loves how personal something is. I was stumped about what to get him, but when I found your page and saw your creations, I was blown away. he loves his candles, and I knew it would be the perfect gift. the ability to combine the most comforting scents, and make it into a candle was something truly beautiful. he adored the candle and couldn’t believe I had found something so cool. thank you for making my boyfriends birthday so special:)

The Autumn Bundle
Vanitha Sujith
My review of the Autumn Bundle

I loved the packaging of the candles and thought that the electric lighter was a brilliant concept. However, I struggled to use the lighter and the flame kept dying out even after trimming the wick. The fragrance was too subtle and the candles don’t last very long. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll buy another batch of candles.

Imperfect Sale | 1 Candle
Kawthar Ammae

The candle I ordered under a different name had an amazing scent and I absolutely love how organised the website is please consider doing a give away to people in need to make their days with the most beautiful candles in the world

Custom Candle
Adam Fitzpatrick
Fun and fantastic

Came across this online store by accident and was pleasantly surprised. There are so many candle shops out there but none create such a personalised experience like Sent Studio. After answering a few questions, 3 days later I received a candle that perfectly matched a favourite holiday place. It was such a fun way to create a memory. I’ve already been back a 2nd time and expect to come back many many more. Highly recommended!

Custom Candle
Jess Whittle
The best candle ever🕯️

The girls picked such lovely scents and knew exactly what I wanted. The candle smells amazing! They were so sweet and responsive about pick up too!

Sweet Scent

Received advertising for Sent, scrolled through out of interest, a "candle lover', answered 3 simple individual options to style...wellah!!! Candles arrived exactly to my scent
I'll be purchasing again
Thankyou 🌷

Custom Candle
Steph Pattison
A special and emotional gift

Got this has a gift for my Mums 50th. As a reminder of her Dad that passed away.
Sent studio nailed the scent I was after which was warm, cosy nights and pinecones.
My Mum cried and laughed as it really did remind her of her Dad.
If you’re after the perfect custom gift. Sent Studio are your people. Xo

Custom Candle
Fiona Hood
Personalised joy

Every personalised candle I have purchased has been received with joy as they speak to your interpretation of the recipients personality and style and shows thoughtfulness in a gift.

Custom Candle
Spiro Tsoukatos
Mothers day

Sentimental gift for my wife that captures a moment in time for us. Absolutely love it

I love everything about these!

I was SO excited when I found the "into the forest" scent! I ordered 6 for my bridal party proposal boxes, plus one for my parents, as our wedding will be in a forest.

I love EVERYTHING about these candles – the fact they're made in Australia, hand poured and eco-friendly. The tin is super unique AND recyclable. Plus, they arrived quickly and safely, and of course smell lovely.

I also added the custom label option to this scent. It came in the original scent box so they could still see all the scent deets and scent name. The label was the sweetest add on and made the candles so, so special.

Thanks so much for making my proposal boxes so wonderful 🤍

Custom Label On Candle
Kathryn Leckie
The sweetest add on

The sweetest add on if you want a custom label with an existing scent (it also works out a little cheaper than a full custom candle).

I ordered the "into the forest" scent for my bridal party and parents as our wedding will be in a forest. It was the perfect finishing touch and everyone loved the customisation. It comes in the original scent box too so they could still see all the deets of the scent.

Custom Candle
Izzy Woodcock
Best Mother’s Day Gift!

Sent Studio did an incredible job of taking all the information for my personalised candle request and turning it into a beautiful gift for my Mum for Mother’s Day. It smells just like something she would buy for herself, and she absolutely adored it. Will definitely be purchasing from you guys again!


10/10 such an easy, fun process and a beautiful end result!! the candle was a hit with who i bought it for, and i will definitely be ordering from sent again <3

Can I drink it 🤭

This affogato scented candle is a dream! I want to drink it but will settle for burning it!

Custom Candle
Throwback to Paris

This custom candle was a gift to my travel buddy for her birthday. I was very vague in my description just stating for a person and a creamy scent and mentioned how she always got chocolate or hazelnut gelato in Italy and Nutella crepes in Paris. This candle smelt just like that with a little hint of caramel. My friend loved it! Thank you so much for helping me create something sentimental!

smells amaze!!!

bought this as a gift and it took all my strength to not swap it for something else ;; it smells absolutely incredible, very reminiscent of lemon crisp biscuits...!! looking forward to purchasing this for myself soon hehe

Custom Candle
Jessie McLean
Best gift for my long distance love.

I ordered a custom candle for my fiance, designed to smell like me (how he’s described it) as we are doing long distance at the moment and this was a way I thought we could be closer while we are living apart. He said the scent was “so spot on, it’s like having you in the room.” We have also had people asking where we find gift ideas like this, the perfect present. Very impressed.

Custom Candle
Sienna Luff

this candle all of the candles are just so amazing and smell so delicious. such a great gift as well, I gave this as a gift to my best friend she loved it so much she thought it was so special and thoughtful, and I 100% RECOMMEND it. I can't get enough of these candles if you don't have one GET ONE NOW if you want your room to smell absolutely divine and want to feel awesome.

Great Candle! Exceeded Expectations!

The candle exceeded my expectations with its delightful scent, long burn time, and elegant packaging. It perfectly matched what I was looking for. Highly recommended for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Matcha Latte | Valentine's Day Edition
Perfect Gift

Gifted to a colleague for her birthday - such a great scent, and beautiful packaging.

Custom Candle
Emily Graham
Thoughtful ingredients, smells amazing

I got this as a gift for my SIL and the team at Sent were so thoughtful with their selection of ingredients. The scent matches her the description I gave so well. She loved her gift!

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