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Lovely scent

Jasmine white tea, not too strong, just right.

Custom Candle
Bee Dee
Lovely gift

I purchased a custom candle for a friend. Great product, comms and fast delivery.

The perfect custom scent

Got my partner a customer candle for Christmas just as a cute little gesture but it turned out to be our favourite candle in the house and we burn it all the time. I was so pleased with scent and shocked the team was more than spot-on with getting the scent absolutely perfect. I trust them and can’t wait to order more.

Custom Candle

Absolutely perfect! Captures the memory beautifully.

Fantastic product, such a great gift

Really love this as a personalised gift option, it smells lovely and the packaging is super cute.

A little on the expensive side as it’s a smaller candle than what I was expecting but worthwhile for a cute gift.

Sample Kit
K Wells
Sensational Samples

Absolutely the best idea, I can test the scents before deciding on what scent I want to purchase candle in

Custom Candle
Lauren MS
Perfect Valentines Gift

I bought this custom candle for my boyfriend for an early valentines gift - he absolutely loved it!

I was having so much trouble thinking of what to get him as this is our ninth valentines together and I had already gotten him every typical valentines gift you could think of. The personalised memory really was appreciated by him and the scent is sooo nice, every time I come home from work it’s usually on when I walk in so I would say that’s a sign he is loving it too 😂 the sent studio team were also so lovely and easy to deal with after I realised I wanted to change a detail on the description on his candle after I ordered! Thank you SS for making our Valentines special - will definitely be ordering again 🤍

Another perfect summer scent!

I love this one, the scent is perfect. I purchased it as a gift specifically and they loved it.

My comfort scent out of the lot!

I love the smell of baked cookies, it's a comfort scent for me so I have it at my bedside. The candle burns well, lasts long and looks beautiful!

Perfect summer scent!

I have various sent. candles around my house, this one is perfect and sits on a side table in the lounge where it receives so many compliments. The product itself burns well, lasts long and the scent that comes from it holds so well.

Great Starter Pack!

Loved this bundle. It was a great first intro to sent. I highly recommend starting ith this bundle if you're not sure. I adore the scents they have worked tirelessly on and the burn is well rounded. Will be coming back for sure for more yummy smells.

Personalised candle - memory

This made such a special gift. Every care was taken with packaging to make it a delight for the recipient to open. The scent profile was incredible. You absolutely nailed it and captured exactly what I had hoped for. This was receive in a quick turnaround time and the online quiz made ordering easy. Will definitely purchase more - such a wonderful gift idea or way to remind yourself of special moments/people. Thank you so much.

One area for potential improvement.
The ‘description of memory’ asks you to be as detailed as possible and doesn’t have a character limit.
On the label only 1/4 of what I originally wrote had been printed on there. It would be good to include a word/character limit (as you have got ‘made for’ section). I would have appreciated being reached out to if my description was too long so I could have condensed it.
I was happy with the description you included - it still captured the essence.


Stunning. I am *constantly* burning candles and this is easily one of the best candles I've had in years.

Fresh and Fruity

This candle is a classic, it has a fresh fruity scent that isn’t super strong when lit so gives the house a subtle smell which all my visitors compliment!

Signature Sample Kit

I’m so happy with the samples! 🤩 This was such a great way for me to try out the different candles before purchasing a full sized one. All the scents smell great even after lighting for a short period of time. (My favourite is definitely Brekkie in Bed and Morning Zest.)
I highly recommend and I’ll definitely be back! 🤍

I love everything!

My favorite blends from this batch are Jasmine White Tea, Beachside, and Lychee Martini.

I am saving these cute tins for our upcoming trip that are not only perfect guides in choosing the next scent blends to purchase, but are also super travel friendly! ✨

Gourmand treat, minus the calories!

I love lighting gourmand candles just as much as I love reaching out to desserts after a filling meal.

But this bundle is special because it satisfies my sweet cravings, minus the calories!

This is a perfect gift for dessert lovers or just anyone who enjoys smelling delicious fragrances all day long. ✨

Smells like childhood!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the scent of our childhood!

Lighting this candle is so nostalgic, as if I travel back to those Saturday mornings when me and brothers are watching Spongebob while enjoying our bowls of fruit loops with milk.

Such a memorable feeling. ✨

Smooth affogato's perfect partner!

This is my second favorite candle next to smooth affogato.

I love how the cinnamon note is not overpowering, making it such a balanced gourmand treat.

PS: If you'll buy baked cookies, make sure to get smooth affogato or vice versa because they are so perfect together!

Baked cookies is amazing on its own but when you partner it with smooth affogato, it transforms the entire room. ✨

Good enough to eat!

This is my favorite sent studio candle to date!

The scent notes are simple: fresh coffee and buttercream, but wait till you light this gourmand treat. It smells so good!

The cold and hot throws are super strong too that it makes our living room smells like a French café in less than 30 minutes. ✨

Pear & Cedar | French Pear + Patchouli + Cedar Leaf
My happy candle!

I call this my happy candle because it makes me smile every time I light it.

There is something special about this fruity scent blend that makes it so refreshing to smell.

Oh, it is a little perfumey as well! I think this scent blend is perfect for EDP. ✨

Gingerbread | Gingerbread Dough + Cinnamon + Brown Sugar
Delicious Christmas cookie!

I reach out to this candle every time I want something warm and comforting.

This may be a Christmas candle, but you will definitely enjoy this during any season of the year, especially if you love gourmand scent blends, with a hint of spices, like me. ✨


Candle has arrived with a tunnel, packing broken and the description was incredibly disappointing. Wish you could either write your or proof it.

The cutest sticker pack I have ever bought! I love how I can decorate my gift boxes and candles

My Favourite

This candle is so unique and it’s incredible, I get so many compliments about it. You think it might be too sweet but no, it’s such a balance of sweet, tarte, creamy and amazing. I’ve gone through 3 already. 1000/10

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