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smells amaze!!!

bought this as a gift and it took all my strength to not swap it for something else ;; it smells absolutely incredible, very reminiscent of lemon crisp biscuits...!! looking forward to purchasing this for myself soon hehe

Custom Candle
Jessie McLean
Best gift for my long distance love.

I ordered a custom candle for my fiance, designed to smell like me (how he’s described it) as we are doing long distance at the moment and this was a way I thought we could be closer while we are living apart. He said the scent was “so spot on, it’s like having you in the room.” We have also had people asking where we find gift ideas like this, the perfect present. Very impressed.

Custom Candle
Sienna Luff

this candle all of the candles are just so amazing and smell so delicious. such a great gift as well, I gave this as a gift to my best friend she loved it so much she thought it was so special and thoughtful, and I 100% RECOMMEND it. I can't get enough of these candles if you don't have one GET ONE NOW if you want your room to smell absolutely divine and want to feel awesome.

Great Candle! Exceeded Expectations!

The candle exceeded my expectations with its delightful scent, long burn time, and elegant packaging. It perfectly matched what I was looking for. Highly recommended for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Matcha Latte | Valentine's Day Edition
Perfect Gift

Gifted to a colleague for her birthday - such a great scent, and beautiful packaging.

Custom Candle
Emily Graham
Thoughtful ingredients, smells amazing

I got this as a gift for my SIL and the team at Sent were so thoughtful with their selection of ingredients. The scent matches her the description I gave so well. She loved her gift!


I love getting the monthly subscription box every month, it's always such a nice surprise to see what's in it!
The candles always smell so divine, and the sample tea lights are a perfect way to test out possible purchases.

Sent Flameless Candle lighter

A new product for us in-store, and definitely a customer favourite. Great product.

Custom Candle
Evette Harris
Such a special gift

I ordered custom Sent candles as my bridesmaid proposal gifts and they were so well received, especially because you can add any language writing not just English so they are super custom to the receiver. The scents were beautiful and the style of the candle was so different, haven't seen it before x

Fresh Baked Cookies

Love the scent! Would give a 5 star rating, but wick goes out constantly. Problem’s keeping it lit.


I love this candle - my favourite so far! I've been trying to cut down on caffeine so this candle is the perfect way to get my fave coffee aroma and perk me up in the mornings! Highly recommend.

Custom Candle
Katie Jones
Bridesmaid Candles

Absolutely amazed by the candles I arranged for my bridesmaids! They were super personalised specific to them, from leather and peppercorn to fruity flavours. The experience organising 7x candles as well was incredible. I'd give 10 stars if I could!

Beautiful scent

Love the sweet and relaxing scent. Definitely my first fav. Exactly like a chai latte fresh out of a cafe. Love

Custom Candle

I loved my custom candle. It was made to evoke a holiday memory and I was so impressed with the excellent scent the team were able to make for me.

They say that smells evoke a rich flood of memories and emotions - and the magic the sent studio make truly is magical!

Custom Candle
Samantha Paynter
absolutely beautiful

i bought this as a christmas gift for me & my partner. the scent is so gorgeous and reminds me exactly of what i asked for. 100% recommend.

Custom Candle
Georgia Mccracken

I purchased this candle for my friend and her partner for their new home. I had lots of detail and requests and I couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate scent. The packaging was divine and so thoughtfully put together.

My friend burst into tears when she saw it and absolutely loved the smell. You absolutely nailed it. Would highly recommend and will be ordering again!

Thank you so much for making the present so memorable ♡

Custom Candle
Michele Madigan
Beautiful memory of my dad

I bought this candle as a memory of my dad who passed away recently. When I received the candle and opened the box, the candle scent reminded me of an aftershave my dad wore when I was a child. It bought ready tears to my eyes of a fond memory of him. Thank you for putting together a scent that I will always cherish.

Sample Kit
Brodie Hussein

Absolutely bowled over by how amazing these scents are! I was drawn in by the descriptions and classy packaging, but the reality lived up to the marketing. My favourites were Affogato, Chai and Cookies, and I purchased a full size Affogato not long after. I've received so many compliments on them, especially as I leave them uncovered when not burning and the smell still lingers in the room!

Sample Kit
Lilly Piper

The candles are amazing! Came really quickly. They all smelt fabulous but there was without a doubt a family favourite out of them all!

Let down in scent selection

Ordered 3 custom candles. Two for gifts one for my wedding. Out of the 3 one was really good and fit the brief, another was okay but didn’t amaze and one that I ordered for my wedding smells like grandma perfume. I’m sure it would be lovely for another prompt but didn’t fit the brief for me.


It did not smell the way I hoped… but it ended up smelling like my boyfriend 🤔 It’s a present for him for Christmas so we’ll see if he notices 😂

Repurchased twice already!

Originally, I had purchased this one as it was in the bundle with Smooth Affogato and Baked Cookies which were what I tried sent candles for. However, I fell in love with this one the most! It feels both fresh and sweet, and most importantly I love how creamy it is!!


Absolutely in love with this candle. It’s so relaxing and beautiful.

Love it!!!!!

I am a massive candle lover and this has to be my fav candle of all time now. Will definitely buy it again soon!!!

Nice way to sample the Sent scents

Cute aesthetic little tea-light sized testers that burn down to nothing and are really easy to sustainably dispose of (the wick just pops out and the tin is recyclable!). Nice way to sample all the scents before committing to a full size candle. Only giving 4 stars because 1) the scent throw isn't amazing because of the size, and 2) one of the wicks was too short and hence I couldn't burn the candle. Otherwise very cute and I'm enjoying burning my way through the set! P.S. Sent, you could do an Advent Calendar with these next year if you can get to 24 scents! :)

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