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Our eco-conscious soy candles are poured with the Earth in mind, with a tree planted for every order. We're also home to Australia's only personalised scent service.

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Smoke | Sandalwood + Clove + Bark Smoke | Sandalwood + Clove + Bark
Smoke | Sandalwood + Clove + Bark
Regular price $45.00
The Masculine Bundle
The Masculine Bundle
Sold Out
Tropical Sunset | Apple + Hibiscus + Starfruit + Citrus + Kiwi tropical-sunset
Tropical Sunset | Apple + Hibiscus + Starfruit + Citrus + Kiwi
Regular price $27.00 $45.00 Sale price
Build Your Own Bundle - sent studio Build Your Own Bundle - sent studio
Build Your Own Bundle
Regular price $115.00 $135.00 Sale price
The Autumn Bundle
The Autumn Bundle
Regular price $115.00 $135.00 Sale price
Thé Noir & Figue | Black Tea + Fig + Bergamot + Tobacco Thé Noir & Figue | Black Tea + Fig + Bergamot + Tobacco
Lavender Earl Grey | Lavender + Black Tea + Bergamot Lavender Earl Grey | Lavender + Black Tea + Bergamot
Pumpkin Spice Latte | Pumpkin + Caramel + Nutmeg + Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Latte | Pumpkin + Caramel + Nutmeg + Vanilla

It’s not often that you hear of quality and conscious hand-poured soy candles – but at sent studio, that’s exactly what we do. And with our unique scents that you won’t find anywhere else, sent studio is the perfect place for thoughtful presents, either for a loved one or yourself.

Browse our collection of eco-friendly candles online, or create your very own scent!

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Elevate Your Ambiance with Unique Hand Poured Soy Candles

There’s no denying that scented candles are the perfect way to elevate any space. If your home or office is feeling a little dull or run down, a quality candle can uplift not only your own mood, but the overall ambience of your space. Whether it's a seasonal or a timeless scent, candles have the power to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that instantly soothes your senses. The soft glow of candlelight fills a room with cosiness, perfect for unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a romantic evening.

The only thing better than regular scented candles is hand-poured soy candles. With a longer, cleaner burning time and crafted using eco-friendly materials, scented soy candles have transformed the relaxation experience.

Create Lasting Memories with Personalised Candles

Indulging in the act of lighting a personalised candle is one of life's best simple luxuries. It can also help you to create or honour lasting memories with loved ones. If you’re in need of a gift for your friend or family member, why not let us create a bespoke candle that represents your relationship with them? This creative present is not only unlike anything they will have received before, but it’s a practical token that you can both enjoy.

Each sent studio custom candle is one of a kind, individually curated to smell just as you dream for it to. You can tell us about your special person, place, or memory you’d like to capture with this scent, and we will get to work!

Did you recently go on holiday and want to bring the fresh scent of the seaside into your home? Or did your partner propose to you in an extra romantic way, and you’d like to cherish the memory through a custom candle? Regardless of the reason or occasion, sent studio is here to help you lock those memories into one cherished candle.

Sustainable Candles That Make a Difference

At sent studios, we don’t just create custom candles. We craft custom hand-poured soy candles that truly make a difference. Why? Because we care.

Our custom candles are made using soy wax because not only is this a higher quality option than traditional paraffin wax, but it loves the planet far more. Soybean wax is not only a renewable resource, but it is also biodegradable, meaning it has a far lower impact on the environment.

We ensure our waste is kept to the bare minimum, which means that we only produce our signature scent candles, accessories and bundles in small batches. That way, no unwanted candles end up in landfill!

Both of our custom candles and signature hand-poured soy candles in our signature scents are made in tins crafted from 100 per cent recycled steel. This means once you have finished burning your candle, you can throw the tin straight into your recycling bin! Otherwise, you can get creative and think of other fun ways to use it (think storage and organisation).

Shop the complete sent studio range online, or take a look at our stockists, where you’ll be able to find our candles in-store! If you have any questions about our products or purpose, please get in touch with us.

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