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How to Reuse and Repurpose Your Candle Tins After Burning

How to Reuse and Repurpose Your Candle Tins After Burning

A candle tin seems a sad thing to waste. You’ve probably asked yourself time and time again: what do I do with this?

Whether it’s a custom candle or something from our signature range, all good candles must come to an end. sent studio has made recycling extra easy, as they can be popped straight into your green bin – but other options exist for your leftover candle tins. You can give them a whole new life. Read on to find out how.


Why Repurpose Candle Tins?

To help the planet. At sent studio, we believe in doing as much as we can for our environment – which is why we use 100% soy wax in our candles and bundles, and our tins are recyclable – so giving you the option to reuse as well as recycle is only fitting.

Reusing candle tins is environmentally and personally beneficial. It creates less physical waste and will not use up energy through the process of recycling.

Candle tins can be used for so much, including storing everyday items like makeup brushes, pens or more.


The Art of Candle Tin Recycling

First things first: clean your candle tin. Remove the label and any remaining wax alongside the wick tab. If you’re after a handy wick trimmer, you can find one among our accessories. You can watch this handy tutorial on TikTok for a visual guide on how to do this.

You can forge on with your artistic and eco-friendly endeavours only once your candle tin has been properly cleaned.


Creative Ideas for Candle Tin Reuse

Create a Mini Herb Garden

Candle tins are the perfect size for small herb plants. Simply add some potting soil and plant your favourite herbs! Our favourite is growing basil or fennel seeds. These mini herb gardens sit pretty on windowsills and taste great in all dishes.

Create a Mini Art Kit

If you have a passion for craft, you can use your tin to create a mini art kit! Fill the tin with coloured pencils, crayons, and supplies for them to use. It’s handy, cute and as easy as pie to refill whenever needed. Get extra creative by customising the candle tins with paint, stickers or more.


Practical Storage Solutions

Store Small Treasures

Use your tins to store items such as buttons, jewellery, coins, or other small trinkets that can easily get lost.


Your candle tins can hold bathroom essentials like cotton balls, q-tips, or makeup brushes. They can also be placed on your desk to store essentials like pens and paperclips!

First Aid

Basic first aid items like band-aids, gauze, and antiseptic can fit easily into your vessel. This is a great way to keep these items organised and easily accessible around the house.


The possibilities are endless when re-using your candle tins at home! Alternatively, you can still recycle your tins in your recycling bin or find a re-purposing facility nearby (like a steel factory).

We hope this post gave you some much-needed inspo. To find out more, contact us now.

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