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Before sent., we searched far and wide for the perfect personalised one-of-a-kind candle service. We wanted to create scents that reminded us of our own unique memories; a wedding day, a person we love or simply somewhere we miss. No brand offered this level of personalisation, so when we couldn’t find it, we decided to make it ourselves. 

We are completely throwing out the approach of limited pre-made fragrances. With The Candle Bar™️, you’re in charge of creating and describing your perfect scent. One that is as individual as you, made by you! 

The Candle Bar™️ is perfect as a gift for someone special, or simply to treat yourself.


Step 1: You unlock your scent

Take our short quiz and tell us a little about the who’s, what’s and why’s for your unique scent. Our questions are super simple and directional, it will give us everything we need to know for your personalised candle!

Step 2: We start customising

Our team reviews your answers and quickly get to work. We determine the best scent notes for your candle, then curate a blend that will not only smell amazing, but is meaningful to you or your lucky recipient.

Step 3: You say hello to your own candle 

Once we’ve poured and cured your candle, we deliver it straight to your door. Your label will include a short description and fragrance scent notes directly inspired by the answers you gave us! 

Ready to create your own one of a kind scent?

Please note: Due to the custom nature of these products, unique candle orders have a processing time of 7-10 days – this ensures the best blend possible.

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